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The Geotube® System

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Geotubes®

The Geotube® System is manufactured by Mirafi®, is a division of Ten Cate Nicolon USA, a leading manufacturer of woven, nonwoven, and specialty industrial and construction products. Ten Cate Nicolon is a division of Royal Ten Cate, which is based in The Netherlands, and which recently celebrated its 300th year in technical textiles and technical components.

The Geotube® story actually began in 1953, when a catastrophic flood struck the coast of Holland. The tiny country, about the size of New Jersey, suffering widespread devastation, and nearly 2,000 people lost their lives. Determined not to allow such a disaster to occur again, the Dutch began developing a new generation of dike. Working in concert, Dutch engineers and master craftsmen sought out materials that would withstand the most severe and erosive forces of water.

Their search for innovative new products led them to Nicolon B.V. of Holland, where they discovered an advanced line of tough industrial textiles which they used to reinforce and retain the dike soils.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, North Carolina, a line of experimental fabrics had been developed in the late 1960s using innovative fabric technology. The fabric, formed of MIRAcle FIbers, was aptly named: Mirafi.  Nicolon and Mirafi® joined forces to form the Nicolon Mirafi Group, and continued to devote its research, development, manufacturing and marketing expertise to designing products that provide soil reinforcement, sedimentation control, erosion control, filtration, and drainage.

Today, Mirafi® geosynthetics are an engineered response to a specific problem: how to enable landforms to withstand the most severe and erosive forces of nature. Through engineering and research that span more than 50 years, Ten Cate Nicolon has created the most diverse line of geosynthetic fabrics available from any single source on the planet - and has applied them throughout the world to significantly reduce the hidden cost of earthen support systems: their frequency of maintenance and repair over a period of years.

The success of Geotube® projects is well documented, and among other reasons, was chosen by Leisurewood as the best solution for dissipation of wave action.

Mirafi® Geotube® Case Studies:

Case Study: Shoreline Erosion - Sundown Island - Matagorda, Texas

Case Study: Sand Dune Construction - Atlantic City, New Jersey

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